koinobori flags for boys

Baby bloggers, take four!

Hello to all readers and thanks for still checking out JapanCanMix! My last post was back in July 2016. It was Pregnancy in Canada & Japan and for good reason. That post was a giant hint as to what was to come. Congratulations to three amazing blogger women I follow who also had babies in 2016! Here’s to Hanako…

semi in the heat of a Japanese summer

Semi (cicadas) in Alberta?

One of my favourite memories from Japan, especially a Japanese summer, is semi or cicadas. Their little insect bodies (or technically the tymbals inside their abdomens, as I learned) vibrate like crazy making an unmistakable, powerful sound that is unforgettable. The sound is oddly comforting but I’ve heard enough comments from people less impressed so…

Forget Me Not Pond, Kananaskis, Alberta

A wander around Alberta – Photo 101 Week 3 Collection

Unexpected car repairs, planned road trips, and coming home to a backed up sewer made life the last week pretty exciting. Amongst all that jazz was a photo or two. A Pop of Colour  Architecture and Monochrome Moment and Motion I learned the importance of contrast in clothing from this picture. Scale and Observation Landscape…

city ski hill chairlift closed for the season

Winter in the summer – photos of the off-season

Some parts of Canada have fairly distinct seasons: winter and construction. Empty skating rinks and quiet ski hills are the subjects for the weekly photo challenge, off-season. Have you heard the winter/construction season joke? Do you have something similar where you live?

Photo Fridays – outdoor railway museum in Canada

Train travel seems so dignified and classy. Agatha Christie was responsible for me wanting to ride the Orient Express. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was no longer running! My first Canadian train ride that wasn’t at a museum was on Vancouver Island between Courtenay and Nanaimo. That route is no longer running…

Romanian/Ukranian Easter Bread

Easter bread and celebrating Grandma

Tomorrow is Good Friday and our family Easter meal will be on Sunday. Both Hitoshi and I are not religious but this time of year is important for me to celebrate one of my grandmothers. How will we do this? Through food, of course! My grandmother was Romanian with roots in Bukovina and she married…