Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel, cow diaphragm and dragon flies

Memories from our final pre-children trip to Japan… Sweating visibly while silently shrieking on the brilliantly red Ferris wheel high above Osaka. Chewing delectable cow diaphragm at a Hakata ramen street vendor in Fukuoka. Circling the rim of an old caldera in the clouds while dodging swarms of friendly dragon flies in Fukushima.

men's glasses

Zoff Updates – broken frames and filing insurance outside of Japan

Hubby and I have bought several pairs of glasses from Zoff both while living in Japan and during visits back over the last several years. We’ve experienced a broken frame outside Japan and filed receipts with private health insurance companies in Canada. We hope what we’ve learned might help you! Does Zoff fix broken frames from outside…

shrine bell

How much does a Shinto wedding cost?

The cost for a wedding can cause heart palpitations for the calm and bring the anxious to their knees. Marrying in a country where wedding options are unfamiliar can be frustrating, baffling or fascinating. Hitoshi and I were married in 2008 in Japan. The official marriage was at our local ward office. Our public ceremony…

leaf with shadows of grass behind

Reblogged: The Mystery of Y Shaped Land

Originally posted on gozumezu:
“Find Y shaped land and then bury him there.” My grandma told me this when my puppy died over 20 years ago. One Sunday afternoon, my puppy got food poisoning and died in an awful way. I was so sad but that’s the life so I decided to bury him somewhere.…

rice stalk

Reblogged: 88 Souls in Rice

Originally posted on gozumezu:
When I was a kid, my grandma would often sternly say, “Eat every single grain of rice in your bowl. Don’t leave any of them.” I would look into my rice bowl and see two or three grains stuck to the sides. It was difficult to pick up a grain of rice with chopsticks…

wild building along a back street in Kyoto

Photo Fridays – pops of color in Japan

The local Japanese consulate is holding a photo contest. We meant to enter last year and never got around to it but this year, I’m determined! Going back over the photos I was thinking about entering last year took a fun twist when I started playing with contrast. I love how deep colors appear along…

lovey dovey bugs

A couple of bugs at a construction site – Photo Fridays returns!

In a week of resurrections and repeats, Photo Fridays is back! My very first post in this series was inspired by another blogger doing a Wordless Wednesday series. I had no idea that this was a known thing and started my own Photo on a Friday piece, thinking my title was super snazzy. Ha! Live and learn. My last…

Japanese dragonfly

Introducing a new blog: Gozumezu, Mysteries of Japan

After months of simmering, Hitoshi has launched a blog called Gozumezu, Mysteries of Japan! His topics will include Japanese tales, folklore, mysteries and stories from his childhood. The first story starts with a sad tale of a puppy’s tragic end. It ends on a happier tone with the significance of land shaped like a Y as a home…