“New” music for anyone else living under a big rock

What music gets you motivated enough to start moving through a task you’d rather not be doing? A few new (to me) tracks and groups have been on heavy repeat the last couple of months. They helped me get through writing report cards and coming up with ideas to keep my students going the last…

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Longplay kitchen house music dance party

If you’ve got a kitchen, then you can have a kitchen party, even if you’re the only guest. And it’s no party without fabulous tunes to move to! Before we get into a few solid sets, two sites that dance music fans have to check out are Boiler Room and DanceTrippin. Boiler Room is a…

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Shake! Shake! Shake! Disco, funk, soul and R&B turn frowns upside down

Music sets the mood better than anything. If you need a pick me up, check out the tracks below! Let’s jump right in with Musique and Keep on Jumpin’. It’s a super fun disco track from 1978. Slowing things down a bit, we’ll check out some funk/soul with B.T. Express and Does It Feel Good from 1980.…

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Travels, tidying, tantanmen and… taiko! A welcome back to blogging update

Greetings readers, new and old! It’s been a long time since I posted anything… almost four months. Amazingly, my readership has not changed! Erm… maybe it’s not desirable that site visits are the same regardless of posting frequency (or plain old lack of posting). Moving on. I figured a first post back could be part update,…

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Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

At the beginning of the month, Carissa over at Everyday Asia nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Thank you, Carissa! I love her blog. Her writing is solid, her stories are funny and she sticks to her blog name with everyday topics. From disintegrating shoes in India’s heat and humidity to horrible investment options,…

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Complaints, blog updates and taxing times

Throwing caution to the wind, this post is not going to follow a specific theme or be carefully read and reread. It’s also going to be more personal and more related to daily life. Here goes! The Comfort of Complaining Taking tentative steps towards blogging again after my hiatus, I’ve been reluctant to make any…

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Breaking being stuck

Yes, it’s true! I am very much alive, except for my knee that is on the verge of (hopefully not) imploding. It’s been about a month since my last post and frankly, I’m amazed the bloggidy blog is still getting views. Isn’t there some rule that you have to post constantly and if not constantly, then at…

A bridge to somewhere new

Life goes in circles: we’re moving!

Thank you for stopping by to read posts and leave likes and comments over the last six weeks. I really appreciate it! Things have been quiet and will be for another couple of weeks because… we are moving! The butterflies started flitting here and there in my belly a few days ago when I realized we will…

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Liebster Award – acceptance and nominations

Buckets of flowers and thanks to Manasvi over at Memoirs of a Wandering Mind for nominating Hilary’s Global Café aka JapanCanMix for the Liebster Award. I accept! Rules of the Liebster Award Thank and link the person who nominated you. Answer the questions given by the nominator. Nominate 11 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers and…

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January 2015 Post Parade

Turning on the widget to show off top posts by views or comments has been a curious commentary on JapanCanMix’s content. The Zoff review is always at or near the top for views. Sorting by comments doesn’t lead to a theme. Photography posts win the likes contest. Posts at the bottom also seem random but tend to be older. My favorites don’t…