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While the “Trending Now” section in the sidebar of this loverly blog shines a spotlight on what visitors are reading with rapture, this page is all about some of my favorite posts that I think you just might enjoy, too.

Summer 2016 Favorites

“New” music for anyone else living under a big rock – this post is all about “new” music I’ve discovered. With work and a little one at home, I’m not listening to much music. Discovering Clean Bandit and Fitz and the Tantrums has been great!

Weekly Photo Challenge – weightless – this was the last post I did for the weekly photo challenge. I’d like to get back into doing these and perhaps I can find some more spiders to photograph.

Viennetta in Canada in 2016 – I love this dessert and after having it disappear for years and years and years and then finding it in a local store was a dream come true!

A wander around Alberta – Photo 101 Week 3 Collection – We won’t be doing many road trips this summer so this post is a nice way to remember trips from the past and to share the province we live in.

Entering a Japanese company – Stories from my life in Japan working in a Japanese company

Viennetta box and slice of ice cream cake

Thank you, T & T!


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