My pic was picked! Plus the ones that weren’t.

Hurrah! By some miracle, a photo I submitted to a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Off-Season was chosen… (drum, drum, drum) as one of four “favorites” by Krista from WordPress. And there were over 500 responses! Incredibly, my photo was also chosen as the banner photo for the post. Wow! I’m still…

resting bee

Wings and legs – bugs close up

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up Ah, the macro setting. For me, it is true love. To see teeny details makes my heart skip a beat. I’m still stunned this bee was simply hanging out. I don’t know enough about the buzzy creatures to know why. Perhaps it was close to kicking the thimble? Occasionally…

hanging flower

Mission Black & White: complete!

Photo101 is done! The first time around last November was all about me getting off automatic on our digital SLR. This time, I pledged to stick to black and white. While more practice is needed, this course was again worth it in providing some focus, challenges and tips that I could experiment with. My biggest challenge…

Forget Me Not Pond, Kananaskis, Alberta

A wander around Alberta – Photo 101 Week 3 Collection

Unexpected car repairs, planned road trips, and coming home to a backed up sewer made life the last week pretty exciting. Amongst all that jazz was a photo or two. A Pop of Colour  Architecture and Monochrome Moment and Motion I learned the importance of contrast in clothing from this picture. Scale and Observation Landscape…

cob web on a lamp

Tough mystery

Friday’s theme for week 2 of Photo 101 was mystery. Arrrrrrgh! I struggled and struggled. Maybe I’ve been tired or overthinking this or simply became temporarily uninspired. My first attempt was inspired by murder mysteries à la Agatha Christie. I artfully “knocked over” the metronome on to the piano keys. Then I thought about shadows and darkness and got, well,…

big bubble and the popped bits

Big bubbles, lovely leaves and warm owls

Mid-week themes for the second week of Photo 101 are big, natural world and warmth. Big Bubbles Have you ever seen this type of bubble blower? I grew up with the plain circle-on-a-stick wands that you had to blow your own hot air through to get bubbles. We also had the homemade giant bubble makers…

ravine creek

Connecting to nature

Photo 101 continues into week 2. The first theme is connect. A photo I took earlier in the day before the theme was announced seems to fit “connect” well. I posted the photo in the Bliss and Solitude themed set of photos. It’s here again. Flags are still at half mast and the city continues to remember…

city ski hill chairlift closed for the season

Winter in the summer – photos of the off-season

Some parts of Canada have fairly distinct seasons: winter and construction. Empty skating rinks and quiet ski hills are the subjects for the weekly photo challenge, off-season. Have you heard the winter/construction season joke? Do you have something similar where you live?

blue ribbon on a post in black and white

Bliss and solitude in B&W

Day 4 and 5 themes for Photo 101 were bliss and solitude. Bliss in the clouds Being outside and storms are two of my favorites. My first attempts at photographing clouds in b&w easily counts for my bliss. Solitude as one A macro lens is on my wish list. Despite using a standard lens, I…

two flowers in a vase on a windowsill

Anpanman on the street, twin flowers and ravine attempts

Today was more black and white photography fun! What I’m really saying is that amongst the many, many over or underexposed, blurry and blah sprouted a few that I’m happy with. My problem yesterday was discovering that the auto focus on the lens was no longer working. I thought it might have been related to…