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Reblogged: The Mystery of Y Shaped Land

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“Find Y shaped land and then bury him there.” My grandma told me this when my puppy died over 20 years ago. One Sunday afternoon, my puppy got food poisoning and died in an awful way. I was so sad but that’s the life so I decided to bury him somewhere.…

Romanian/Ukranian Easter Bread

Easter bread and celebrating Grandma

Tomorrow is Good Friday and our family Easter meal will be on Sunday. Both Hitoshi and I are not religious but this time of year is important for me to celebrate one of my grandmothers. How will we do this? Through food, of course! My grandmother was Romanian with roots in Bukovina and she married…

rice growing in the mountain's shadow

Succession planning in a more traditional Japanese family

Hitoshi’s family has agricultural roots. Much of his extended family still lives in rural communities and maintains land for growing rice, vegetables and fruit. While Hitoshi’s family no longer grows food for sale, the land remains part of the family reach. Land is crucial to succession planning. It is so important in Hitoshi’s family that…