pale pink fuchsia flower

Swoon-worthy flowers

Two pots of flowers hanging on the front porch have been an obsession this summer. They are perfect inspiration for taking photos, especially hanging at eye level. One set is barely there pale pink and the other is a hot fuchsia, which happens to be the name of these gorgeous blooms. What’s been inspiring you lately?

hanging flower

Mission Black & White: complete!

Photo101 is done! The first time around last November was all about me getting off automatic on our digital SLR. This time, I pledged to stick to black and white. While more practice is needed, this course was again worth it in providing some focus, challenges and tips that I could experiment with. My biggest challenge…

blue ribbon on a post in black and white

Bliss and solitude in B&W

Day 4 and 5 themes for Photo 101 were bliss and solitude. Bliss in the clouds Being outside and storms are two of my favorites. My first attempts at photographing clouds in b&w easily counts for my bliss. Solitude as one A macro lens is on my wish list. Despite using a standard lens, I…

two flowers in a vase on a windowsill

Anpanman on the street, twin flowers and ravine attempts

Today was more black and white photography fun! What I’m really saying is that amongst the many, many over or underexposed, blurry and blah sprouted a few that I’m happy with. My problem yesterday was discovering that the auto focus on the lens was no longer working. I thought it might have been related to…

side table outdoors in black and white

Black and white photography is hard

… but that’s good. My personal challenge of tackling black and white (b&w) photography this month is liberating. I have to use my brain. I have to struggle. I have to fail. And I learn. Thank you, dear helpers Yesterday, I couldn’t find b&w settings. Today I woke up to suggestions (thank you, Perelincolors!) and found a…