Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel, cow diaphragm and dragon flies

Memories from our final pre-children trip to Japan… Sweating visibly while silently shrieking on the brilliantly red Ferris wheel high above Osaka. Chewing delectable cow diaphragm at a Hakata ramen street vendor in Fukuoka. Circling the rim of an old caldera in the clouds while dodging swarms of friendly dragon flies in Fukushima.

shrine roof, Akita, Japan

Hiking and love in Japan – Mount Shinzan, Akita

Photography 101 is done! My skills have improved dramatically over the last month thanks to the course prompts and lots of practice. The inventors of digital memory also get my gratitude, allowing for hundreds of mistakes and experiments at no cost. This course has helped me see that even the photos I thought were worthless have value…