koinobori flags for boys

Baby bloggers, take four!

Hello to all readers and thanks for still checking out JapanCanMix! My last post was back in July 2016. It was Pregnancy in Canada & Japan and for good reason. That post was a giant hint as to what was to come. Congratulations to three amazing blogger women I follow who also had babies in 2016! Here’s to Hanako…

pale pink fuchsia flower

Swoon-worthy flowers

Two pots of flowers hanging on the front porch have been an obsession this summer. They are perfect inspiration for taking photos, especially hanging at eye level. One set is barely there pale pink and the other is a hot fuchsia, which happens to be the name of these gorgeous blooms. What’s been inspiring you lately?

resting bee

Wings and legs – bugs close up

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up Ah, the macro setting. For me, it is true love. To see teeny details makes my heart skip a beat. I’m still stunned this bee was simply hanging out. I don’t know enough about the buzzy creatures to know why. Perhaps it was close to kicking the thimble? Occasionally…

pink flower about to open

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

At the beginning of the month, Carissa over at Everyday Asia nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Thank you, Carissa! I love her blog. Her writing is solid, her stories are funny and she sticks to her blog name with everyday topics. From disintegrating shoes in India’s heat and humidity to horrible investment options,…