colorful fire hydrant, Canada

Looking up and down in a Friday photo mix

The other title for the post would be, “Just because”. Just because it’s Friday. Just because I finished Blogging 201 and completely changed the look of my blog. (Check it out!) Just because it feels good to be random. Have you had a “just because” moment recently?

Photo Fridays – outdoor railway museum in Canada

Train travel seems so dignified and classy. Agatha Christie was responsible for me wanting to ride the Orient Express. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was no longer running! My first Canadian train ride that wasn’t at a museum was on Vancouver Island between Courtenay and Nanaimo. That route is no longer running…

wild building along a back street in Kyoto

Photo Fridays – pops of color in Japan

The local Japanese consulate is holding a photo contest. We meant to enter last year and never got around to it but this year, I’m determined! Going back over the photos I was thinking about entering last year took a fun twist when I started playing with contrast. I love how deep colors appear along…

lovey dovey bugs

A couple of bugs at a construction site – Photo Fridays returns!

In a week of resurrections and repeats, Photo Fridays is back! My very first post in this series was inspired by another blogger doing a Wordless Wednesday series. I had no idea that this was a known thing and started my own Photo on a Friday piece, thinking my title was super snazzy. Ha! Live and learn. My last…

beach umbrellas, Thailand

#1 – Snowy Beijing and blissful Thailand, December 2004

In a few weeks, it will be 10 years since the 2004 tsunami battered parts of Thailand along with many other coastal communities. Being in Thailand when the tsunami happened prompted a series of life changes within the following year. Quitting my job, moving to Thailand to volunteer and then to Japan to work happened…

small statue in front of house

Photo Fridays! Take 10: sunbathing statuette in Kyoto

This cross between a jizo (children’s guardian) and a good luck statuette is cute and peaceful. As for the Weekly Photo Challenge of refraction, I had to dig back into junior high science for the differences between refraction, reflection and diffraction. I thought this photo might fit and then wasn’t sure. Since relearning that refraction is light…

gorgeous tree trunk

Photo Fridays! Take 9: tall trees

The startling bells at the modest shrine likely scared off creatures of all sizes. Following the path around the back of the shrine led to this noble tree. Next was a tiny waterfall against a rock wall and the end of the trail. My manager took a few of us deep into the Shirakamisanchi region. It covers…