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Reblogged: 88 Souls in Rice

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When I was a kid, my grandma would often sternly say, “Eat every single grain of rice in your bowl. Don’t leave any of them.” I would look into my rice bowl and see two or three grains stuck to the sides. It was difficult to pick up a grain of rice with chopsticks…

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Cooking with baby: accidental furikake

Three magical ingredients dance together in perfect time. A little heat, a dash of richness and an incredible crunch; flavors united under a banner of outstanding flavour. Hubby asked EIGHT times for a repeat of my creation during and after dinner. The ridiculous fact is my “dish” was a failure. What was supposed to be a benign…

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Rice cooker fails from bubbles to distraction

The posts about rice cooker rules and washing theories were about what you can do with a rice cooker to get edible rice. This post celebrates the opposite. Taking “washing” too literally When Hitoshi’s cousin moved away for university, he made rice alone for the first time. Something was wrong so he called his mom for advice. Cousin:…