colorful fire hydrant, Canada

Looking up and down in a Friday photo mix

The other title for the post would be, “Just because”. Just because it’s Friday. Just because I finished Blogging 201 and completely changed the look of my blog. (Check it out!) Just because it feels good to be random. Have you had a “just because” moment recently?

Ikebukuro neighborhood, Tokyo

Blog Updates and “Home” for me

Welcome new visitors and followers! November is my least favourite month but unexpected news, a blog milestone, and a class have changed my perspective, at least for 2014. First Award Nomination JapanCanMix has been nominated for a blog award! It is fantastic to be recognized and is a great push to keep posting. 100th Post This post…

old amusement park ride

Photo Fridays! Take 5: Asakusa amusement park ride

Asakusa is one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. It was where I spent my first night in Japan before heading to Akita City to start a new job. Three months later, I was back to celebrate New Year’s at Sensoji, watching people line up to pray for good fortune. I had my first can of corn soup from…

staff near lookout at Mt. Takao

Photo Fridays! Take 4: Takao-san staff

Takao-san is a really fun day trip from Tokyo. Hitoshi and I went with his brother and wandered much of the site from bottom to top. My biggest accomplishment was convincing my hiking pals to veer off the main trails down a marked side trail. Even though we were eventually greeted by the shrill rumble…

futuristic boat leaving pier

Tokyo’s Boats: ducking bridges and sea sick romance

With rivers cutting through and the ocean at its toes, Tokyo has the advantage of water for a slower and softer way of getting around. Two options are the waterbus to cross the Sumida River and a night cruise around Tokyo Bay. Mizube Line My parents and I discovered the Mizube Line by accident. After visiting the thorough Edo Tokyo Museum…