Super Hotel Circuit

The Super Hotel chain has been a regular part of trips back to Japan for many years. While H had used them regularly for work travel, I got my introduction the night we were supposed to sleep in our new apartment in Tokyo. My memories of that place, seen several months earlier for about 12…

colorful fire hydrant, Canada

Looking up and down in a Friday photo mix

The other title for the post would be, “Just because”. Just because it’s Friday. Just because I finished Blogging 201 and completely changed the look of my blog. (Check it out!) Just because it feels good to be random. Have you had a “just because” moment recently?

old amusement park ride

Photo Fridays! Take 5: Asakusa amusement park ride

Asakusa is one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. It was where I spent my first night in Japan before heading to Akita City to start a new job. Three months later, I was back to celebrate New Year’s at Sensoji, watching people line up to pray for good fortune. I had my first can of corn soup from…

staff near lookout at Mt. Takao

Photo Fridays! Take 4: Takao-san staff

Takao-san is a really fun day trip from Tokyo. Hitoshi and I went with his brother and wandered much of the site from bottom to top. My biggest accomplishment was convincing my hiking pals to veer off the main trails down a marked side trail. Even though we were eventually greeted by the shrill rumble…