Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel, cow diaphragm and dragon flies

Memories from our final pre-children trip to Japan… Sweating visibly while silently shrieking on the brilliantly red Ferris wheel high above Osaka. Chewing delectable cow diaphragm at a Hakata ramen street vendor in Fukuoka. Circling the rim of an old caldera in the clouds while dodging swarms of friendly dragon flies in Fukushima.

cute dog

Being sick and (cultural?) disagreements on how to get better

Ugh! Hitoshi is still getting over suspected influenza and I’m in the thick of a super coughy, sinus headachy like-my-brain-is-going-to-be-squished-out-of-my-ears nastiness. Nice. Getting sick far from the familiar Getting sick in an international context can be the pits. You might be far from remedies you’re used to and sometimes have weird things thrust at you to “just…

Zoo-chan, Japan

“On the way” in Japan, Thailand and suburban Canada

This week’s photo challenge is “on the way”. I swooned when I saw Michelle W’s photo to kick off the challenge. It is taken from the air before landing in Amsterdam with the tulip fields in full view. Incredible! I highly recommend WP Weekly Photo Challenge – on the way. My favorite mode of transport is…

Photo Fridays – outdoor railway museum in Canada

Train travel seems so dignified and classy. Agatha Christie was responsible for me wanting to ride the Orient Express. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was no longer running! My first Canadian train ride that wasn’t at a museum was on Vancouver Island between Courtenay and Nanaimo. That route is no longer running…

railway museum, Canada

Broken and abandoned: 1 train, 1 shop and 1 ?

Abandoned is perhaps a closer description of the photos below but broken also fits. This impressive car is part of an outdoor railway museum that we visited recently. Our toddler loved it and so did we. Choo choo! Anything old, abandoned and disintegrating is high up on my list of all things interesting, especially when…