My pic was picked! Plus the ones that weren’t.

Hurrah! By some miracle, a photo I submitted to a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Off-Season was chosen… (drum, drum, drum) as one of four “favorites” by Krista from WordPress. And there were over 500 responses! Incredibly, my photo was also chosen as the banner photo for the post. Wow! I’m still…

pale pink fuchsia flower

Swoon-worthy flowers

Two pots of flowers hanging on the front porch have been an obsession this summer. They are perfect inspiration for taking photos, especially hanging at eye level. One set is barely there pale pink and the other is a hot fuchsia, which happens to be the name of these gorgeous blooms. What’s been inspiring you lately?

resting bee

Wings and legs – bugs close up

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up Ah, the macro setting. For me, it is true love. To see teeny details makes my heart skip a beat. I’m still stunned this bee was simply hanging out. I don’t know enough about the buzzy creatures to know why. Perhaps it was close to kicking the thimble? Occasionally…

city ski hill chairlift closed for the season

Winter in the summer – photos of the off-season

Some parts of Canada have fairly distinct seasons: winter and construction. Empty skating rinks and quiet ski hills are the subjects for the weekly photo challenge, off-season. Have you heard the winter/construction season joke? Do you have something similar where you live?

Zoo-chan, Japan

“On the way” in Japan, Thailand and suburban Canada

This week’s photo challenge is “on the way”. I swooned when I saw Michelle W’s photo to kick off the challenge. It is taken from the air before landing in Amsterdam with the tulip fields in full view. Incredible! I highly recommend WP Weekly Photo Challenge – on the way. My favorite mode of transport is…

railway museum, Canada

Broken and abandoned: 1 train, 1 shop and 1 ?

Abandoned is perhaps a closer description of the photos below but broken also fits. This impressive car is part of an outdoor railway museum that we visited recently. Our toddler loved it and so did we. Choo choo! Anything old, abandoned and disintegrating is high up on my list of all things interesting, especially when…

beach near Twelve Apostles

The beautiful forces of nature in Australia and New Zealand

Like the last weekly photo challenge, intricate, I jumped back into the archives. This time, we are visiting Australia and New Zealand to showcase the gorgeous forces of nature. Napier was one of my favorite stops during our New Zealand trip. The penguin rescue centre program and art deco tour were fantastic and fun experiences but…

jump and kick!

Flying kicks, dapples of light and dancing owls

It’s been a long time since I participated in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. In fact, the last time was the beginning of January. It’s not for lack of trying. I see the themes every week and make attempts but once I’m ready, the challenge is long gone. That said, a problem it is not! I’ll…