Travel with Baby – not just for the brave

This page celebrates our trip to Japan with a child under the age of 1. Here’s to all the parents out there who manage to do the same!

baby's playpen

We curled up here in desperation while our baby was having a personal post-trip paaaaartaaaaay!

2 thoughts on “Travel with Baby – not just for the brave

  1. Hi I searched BLW & Japan and found your posts. Great insights as I was about to bring my little 13-months-old girl to Japan! Easier for me it’s only 4 hours flight as I’m from HK 🙂 I just have some BLW & Japan culture issue that I hope to get your advice if you don’t mind.
    1) So my little girl feeds herself everyday. Would it cause nuisances to other diners in typical Japanese restaurants, if she is given her own food and be placed on the table for her to pick up and eat, AND occasionally drop them on the floor?
    2) We’ll be travelling to Hiroshima, a relatively small city easily accessible by public transportation, but I heard that Japanese are fairly sensitive to baby noises. Would you suggest to rent a car instead?

    Much appreciated for your help in advance.

    • Hi! Great to hear from another BLWer! Japan has a lot of family restaurants that are very accommodating in my experience. They usually have booths instead of chairs, which makes things much easier. We’ve come across nonslip mats to put under booster seats and even been given a choice of seats. Kid bowls, cutlery and sometimes aprons are usually provided, even in places that don’t necessarily say family friendly.

      I think it may come across better if you put food on a plate or in a bowl for your little one to eat from, rather than on the table, unless you have some sort of placemat to put down. It just seems more appropriate, although I have no hard and fast reason why. And I spent a lot of time picking up food off the floor in restaurants. 😀 I just couldn’t leave it there for someone else.

      I think there will be people in any culture that don’t like the sounds kids make. I’ve never been concerned about taking public transportation. Let me rephrase. When I’m exhausted and don’t care anymore, then I tune out much of what is around me, but I get your concern, especially when I’m well rested. So many people don’t have cars that public transportation is the only way to travel. I think the advantages of cars are privacy and more freedom with your time (and accessing hard-to-reach places) but then you’ve got the navigation challenges/adventures, depending on how you see it. 😀

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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